what s great with the word tabou is that it s a French word
you must say to yourself why a French word?
…well when you think of France, the first thing that occurs to you is the French revolution, the French kiss, the French cancan, Gainsbourg, Paris city of culture and history…
So why a French word?
Because France represents all the tabous: sex, French affair, freedom, yes freedom.
but in my opinion, no better country represents the word tabou, not because France offers so much freedom, but because France lives with a lot of tabous, of « non-dits » we say, that means a lot of the French culture is hidden.
Foreigners who lived in France for several years have understood this. France is a very very complicated country, a country that is lovely but has many hidden secrets, French people who have so much to offer, but they have many complexes, so tabou is really a French word.

i had the idea to write this when i watch a tv programme called TABOU, and the subject was islam in France.
What could be more tabou in France? maybe money?
what you need to understand is that France is a country who believes it is unique (and maybe it is, I am not judging), the people in France believe in strong values: France is a Republic following « liberté, égalité, fraternité » (freedom, equality, brotherhood), our daily lives are structured around those values, and this makes it very difficult when reality doesn t match those principles. I give you an example: the French education system reproduces many inequalities, this is true at every level, from primary school (kindergarten) to University, but we are not willing to change as Equality is at the center of the education system… and to change it, this is also admitting that this core value doesn t work. To change it, this will lead us maybe not to treat everyone equal to give more chance to succeed to a specific segment of the population.

what is crazy is that we will sometimes prefer to see reality fail instead of thinking outside the box… by not following our principles. Islam in France is a tabou subject because many politicians, citizens and intellectuals consider that we can t mention islam and the way of living of muslims in France, because this is against equality. We are not supposed to study a segment of the population based on religious criteria, because it hurts the ideal of equality. This is pure madness…

the tv programme showed that while a majority of muslims follow the law of the Republic and are integrated, a worrying and strong minority are willingly supporting a political vision of Islam against France, our values, our laws…
But for ideological reasons, the very Saint Equality, many prefer to close their eyes on what is really happening.
When we thought that our Republican values make us stronger against extremists, we are sadly seeing those same values, that made us proud one time ago, lead us to a dangerous blindness…


how are you mate?
(pronounce with an Australian accent)
let s try again
how are you mate
good on you mate
hey mate
don t say Australia but straya
here you are, back again, old memories
it s been 6 years now that i had the crazy idea to leave my family, my country,
my girlfriend, and travel 17000km away for a new life in Australia
was such a great experience, i can t regret it,
even if it wasn t always easy as you need to make new friends, new habits, new everything, but that what s makes it so interesting too, so no regrets
also no regrets, that after three years i decided to come back in my home country France,
i must say we decided to come back with
my wife
so it has been already three years that we took the decision to fly back in France
so much happened since
and i must say six years ago, i was kid, not that i m old, not that i look old, but i can feel that i ve aged a bit, in the good way, you know like French Bordeaux wine
sometimes i miss Australia, i miss the people i met, and they are so far away that i won t see them again or a least for a couple of years, i miss the sunshine (even if it s bloody dangerous and can get you sunburn and skin cancer), i miss the beaches, i miss the deep blue sky, a real navy blue, not the same blue that you can see in Europe, i miss the friendly interactions with people, the easy going way of life (even if as an arrogant Parisian, i often thought how superficial things were, but i still miss it), i miss the barbie (understand barbecue), i miss Sydney, such a great city, the Opera House so beautiful with the harbour view, i miss Surry Hills, Redfern, Bourke Street, the bakeries, the Sunday brunch, all this… seems so far away but still very present in my mind
i can t forget, but i will forget, and i ve already forgot a few things, but i won t forget the experience, the feeling of being abroad, the feeling of being a stranger in a country, strange but adventurous in the same time, i won t forget above all that i became what i am thanks to Australia and that today I am married to a superbe wife thanks to Australia too, and after being so far from my friends and from my family, i know the importance of being there with them, of being close, money can t buy you a family and true friends,
this is priceless
so AUSTRALIA, mate, you re a real mate,
TRUST ME, we ll come over when we re older to see you old mate!


it is a great feeling to write with a typewriter
the noise first of all makes it real
you are actually writing,
this has its importance you are not anymore silent, quiet, gentle
you are full of life, loud, lousy
writing is not always thinking, being calm,
on the contrary, it means being angry, wanting to say something,
to shout, to express, this is writing
the noise makes it all,
so you are concentrated on your voice,
on what you are saying, basically on your writing
also you are fully concentrated and not trying to get the spelling right.
Word can be awful sometimes and acts like a teacher
checking every sentence, every word, looking for the grammatical nonsense…
so it is such a delight to be delivered from all this.
i must say i am also very slow with a typewriter
and i can measure every word, not one for another
i am also not very good and do a lot of spelling mistakes so hopefully
it is not a REAL typewriter and you can correct the missing letters.
this is why Tom Hanks had such a good idea to create an app for this
it s called HANX WRITING, it s great
i tried many apps, and a lot are full of crap,
a few are quite hilarious, you can sometimes choose the mood you want
so you have a rainy day, the sound of the forest, and so on,
but all this takes you away from what you need to do: writing!
anyway I really invite you to try and you will have so much fun.
and if you don t want to drive your wife crazy with the noise,
just put headphones on, and they will do the job very well.
have a good one!

le futur est-il devenu minable ?

il faut bien une première fois, c’était la première fois que j’assistais au Tribunal des Générations Futures, TGH pour les intimes, organisé par Usbek & Rica

ces conférences au format original, sous forme de procès, avec un procureur et la défense qui s’affrontent dans la salle pour gagner les voix d’un jury composé de 5 personnes choisies au hasard dans la salle du MK2

la question méritait mon attention : le futur est-il devenu minable ?

le pitch pour faire simple, avant nous rêvions de voitures voilantes, de machines à voyager dans le temps, de villes sous-marines, et aujourd’hui nous avons Pokémon Go, Google Car, Snapchat et le selfie stick… évidemment, dit comme ça le futur est devenu minable

des gens très sérieux sont venus à la barre répondre aux questions du procureur et de la défense. Certains ont employé des termes compliqués, savants. J’ai noté la « rétrotopie » : comprendre le futur c’était mieux avant, et nous nous réfugions dans le passé

Pas étonnant ! j’en étais sûr, les Frenchies sont des dépressifs en puissance, nourris à la nostalgie baudelairienne. Alors, je n’étais pas surpris que des intellectuels soient encore plus dépressifs que la moyenne. J’ai appris que les Français devaient apprendre l’histoire du futur, qu’ils devaient apprendre à l’imaginer. Et oui, on manque apparemment de créativité… J’ai aussi retenu que le futur, ce n’est pas l’utopie, mais la manière de nous projeter dans un ailleurs.

Nous projeter dans un ailleurs, ça oui, je sais le faire, d’ailleurs un peu trop, je me projette trop, et à force je ne sais plus où je suis.

Et puis un monsieur un peu bizarre nous a expliqué que le futur est mort… je m’explique, il dit qu’on est déjà dans le futur et donc on n’a plus besoin de l’inventer. C’est Apple qui a tué le futur. Bon ok… pourquoi pas. Ce monsieur bizarre a continué en expliquant que le futur était de retour (et non pas retour vers le futur), et qu’il y avait une dilution du futur dans le présent qui nous empêche de nous projeter. On assiste à un retour du futur imaginé dans les années 50/60/70/80, une sorte de « futur vintage ». Genre, la planche de skate volante (le hoverboard) que certains sont en train de réellement créer.

Après un autre monsieur flippant parlait de servitude volontaire avec le numérique, et que Google, Facebook et les autres avaient créé un double (numérique) de nous-mêmes, mais un double stéréotypé, prêt à rentrer dans des cases prédéfinies par un algorithme, en somme ce double est une chèvre (c’est pas moi qui le dit). Donc ce double est en train de prendre le dessus, et nous sommes donc condamnés à devenir des chèvres (ou des moutons, vous avez saisi l’idée je pense).

Notre malheur aujourd’hui est la toute-puissance de la Silicon Valley, qui s’en prend même à notre imaginaire, et donc à notre capacité à nous projeter, et à imaginer le futur. Alors voilà, le grand danger résiderait dans ce populisme high tech ou solutionnisme technologique : comprendre la solution est (forcément) donnée par la technologie. Et ce futur là, on n’en veut pas. Le futur par Google est minable.

Pire encore, internet est un cache-misère, et nous allons sur internet car le réel est merdique… petit-à-petit, nous nous éloignons de la réalité. En témoigne le succès de Pokémon Go et de sa réalité augmentée. Pour un ado, comme disait l’une des intervenantes, il est plus simple de choper un Pikachu que de trouver sa place dans la société.

Conclusion : vous vous dites, c’est foutu. Le procureur finit par une superbe diatribe qui explique en 4 points pourquoi le futur est devenu minable :
1. on vit au futur antérieur, donc un futur nostalgique, dépassé, ringard
2. le futur sert à vendre le présent, les marques fleurissent de slogans bidons parlant d’avenir pour vendre leur soupe
3. le futur est aseptisé, on pollue pas, on fait pas trop de bruit, on fait attention à sa ligne, gnagnagna… une génération de BORING !
4. la Silicon Valley a triomphé, on est foutu…

Eh ben, à ma grande surprise, malgré tous ces arguments déprimants, le jury s’est prononcé CONTRE à 4 voix versus 1, non le futur n’est pas minable. Il faut hacker le futur, il faut l’inventer, il faut reprendre la main sur les imaginaires, les possibles les plus fous, vive le futur ! Comme quoi… on peut se tromper. Conclusion bis : les intellectuels sont peut-être pessimistes, mais les gens lambda (comme on dit) n’ont pas baissé les bras, eux.


Si ça vous intéresse, le site internet d’Usbek & Rica >>>>




looking for the fame

hope you’ve been watching French news, so good, so refreshing

80 percent of French citizens don’t want to see either Hollande (85% cf. Ifop), the actual President, or Sarkozy (79% cf. Elabe), the previous one, running for Presidency

and there’s a real chance to see them again

this would be ok if we hadn’t a ferocious competition inside the republican party, and a ridiculous one inside the socialist party

the country is desperate for change, and it seems that nothing changed, nothing has changed, nothing will change

this is rough, brutal, tough, for our little minds to admit, that whoever wins, it will be the same

this is something we can’t allow, as a country who fought for freedom, we despise this situation

all this, of course, is good enough for extremists, for the National Front, they are enjoying those debates, those poor debates, where values and ideas have been lost and trade against PR stunts and bad buzz…

But we all know that their political coup aren’t replacing a real program with a vision for this country. Voices started to shout, new comers are in line, but generally we’re not very confident with the future, is it going somewhere?

I won’t detail all the media fuss we had during last weeks, but we had for instance a debate on The Gauls « Les Gaulois »… as part of our history (or not… if your name is Mouloud). Depressing… What’s the point? We had an argument on the deprivation of nationality, if you’re a terrorist, the State should send you home… well your other home… well this is true when terrorists are not just French and have dual nationality. So we had months of debate on this, while it is forbidden to do so, as you can’t become stateless… And after that, another debate on burkini, which is a swimming suit but for muslims who wish to cover themselves completely  and still enjoy a sunbath. The country where sunbathing topless in Saint Tropez was created, mayors of small towns voted local laws so the burkini becomes forbidden. While I can understand that the burkini has nothing to do with French culture, we spent a lot of time on this, with no results, as the « Conseil d’État » (the highest administrative juridiction in France) said no who can’t forbid the burkini. What a story!  (what a waste…)

We’re debating with passion on the small stuff, but we’re missing the point and what is really important for French people.

Meanwhile in France, we count :

  • 5 million « poor people » (living with less than 50% of the median wage in France cf. Observatoire des inégalités);
  • 4 million people living in unbearable conditions (in slums basically cf. Fondation Abbé Pierre;
  • 141 500 homeless people (cf. Le Monde in 2014 and + 44% these last 11 years from 2001 to 2012 according to the French Statistics Institue Insee);
  • 2.8 million unemployed people (9.6 % of the working population cf. Insee) ;
  • 1.74 million « poor workers » (they are working, but they can’t live decently with their income, they live with less 817 € a month, cf. Insee).

But The Gauls, the deprivation of nationality for terrorists with dual citizenship, and the burkini, are regarded as priorities.

Climbing the ladder… I told you 😦


so so tired

poor little bugger, you’re tired, tired, too tired, tired about what

tired ’cause of your work, you’re a hard worker, all day behind a computer, must be terrible, poor you, you must be exhausted doing nothing all day, or nothing worth it

you’re always complaining, I need a rest, I need to rest, I am so tired

really mate?

you’re so tired with yourself, so tired of writing bullshit for other bullshiters, oh don’t get me wrong, I know you do this for a living, professional bullshiter, good on you mate! well done! what an accomplishment! your mama must be so proud

you could have been a doctor, a surgeon, a pilot, a politician, a lawyer, but instead you’re a PR guy, congrats! Humanity must be glad to have you on Earth.

Oh yeah I forgot, we were talking about being tired, oh yeah that’s it, you’re tired, so tired, because you can’t stand yourself, you can’t stand the fact that you’re writing crap, saying crap, doing crap… even mister YOU don’t believe anymore, you don’t know why you’re doing all this.

So the best is to think you’re tired, yes we’re all tired, because we’re all looking to do something here, but we’re not really good at it, so instead of fighting for real stuff, we have a job, in an office, that’s cool, but you need to go everyday, even if you hate it, that’s the way it is.

We’re the lost generation, maybe the last, Mother Nature is slowly dying, and most of us don’t really care. But we care of the little stuff, the iPhone and such, and it makes us believe that we have a real impact by for example sorting out the garbage (plastic, glass, waste…) Sure… this is going to save us.

We’re lost and we’re not really doing something about it. Still homeless people, many, many on the streets, we already pay our bills, we already pay our taxes, so why should we help? Not our responsibility. Once again, it is not your fault.

Today, thousands of migrants are coming in Europe, asking for help, we can’t help them all, so we decide to not help them at all, that makes sense, right? let’s let them die, at least if we do nothing, we won’t be accused of doing the wrong thing, so we do nothing at all.

We’re only wait, we’re all waiting, we’re all waiting for something, for something to come, for something to happen, we’re all waiting, tired.





who do you think you are ? scratching your balls on the sofa… what a waste

we were the biggest, the strongest, the number 1, the rising star, we had it all, the fame, the women, the glory, the money, tons of money

and now look at you, you’re not worth it, you think that you can do it without me, sort out your life, become like an average dude, let me laugh, you’re nothing without me, you’re a nobody

I’ll be waiting, waiting for you to fail, waiting for you to beg, please, please, help me, I need you

well, I’ll be watching you, and maybe, I’ll help

why are you doing this to yourself, we could work as a team again, you could be a hero, the greatest of all times, you could be loved, crowds would come to see you, to kiss your feet

but instead of that, you prefer to be a nobody, a nothing, a looser, a wanker, garbage

Spread your wings, raise as before, reborn, become who you are supposed to be, become the hero they need

…Yes, I can see it it in your eyes, I can see the fire, you’ve still got it

Get out of there ! Show them who you are ! Show them who’s the boss ! Show them ! Show them !