who do you think you are ? scratching your balls on the sofa… what a waste

we were the biggest, the strongest, the number 1, the rising star, we had it all, the fame, the women, the glory, the money, tons of money

and now look at you, you’re not worth it, you think that you can do it without me, sort out your life, become like an average dude, let me laugh, you’re nothing without me, you’re a nobody

I’ll be waiting, waiting for you to fail, waiting for you to beg, please, please, help me, I need you

well, I’ll be watching you, and maybe, I’ll help

why are you doing this to yourself, we could work as a team again, you could be a hero, the greatest of all times, you could be loved, crowds would come to see you, to kiss your feet

but instead of that, you prefer to be a nobody, a nothing, a looser, a wanker, garbage

Spread your wings, raise as before, reborn, become who you are supposed to be, become the hero they need

…Yes, I can see it it in your eyes, I can see the fire, you’ve still got it

Get out of there ! Show them who you are ! Show them who’s the boss ! Show them ! Show them !





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