looking for the fame

hope you’ve been watching French news, so good, so refreshing

80 percent of French citizens don’t want to see either Hollande (85% cf. Ifop), the actual President, or Sarkozy (79% cf. Elabe), the previous one, running for Presidency

and there’s a real chance to see them again

this would be ok if we hadn’t a ferocious competition inside the republican party, and a ridiculous one inside the socialist party

the country is desperate for change, and it seems that nothing changed, nothing has changed, nothing will change

this is rough, brutal, tough, for our little minds to admit, that whoever wins, it will be the same

this is something we can’t allow, as a country who fought for freedom, we despise this situation

all this, of course, is good enough for extremists, for the National Front, they are enjoying those debates, those poor debates, where values and ideas have been lost and trade against PR stunts and bad buzz…

But we all know that their political coup aren’t replacing a real program with a vision for this country. Voices started to shout, new comers are in line, but generally we’re not very confident with the future, is it going somewhere?

I won’t detail all the media fuss we had during last weeks, but we had for instance a debate on The Gauls « Les Gaulois »… as part of our history (or not… if your name is Mouloud). Depressing… What’s the point? We had an argument on the deprivation of nationality, if you’re a terrorist, the State should send you home… well your other home… well this is true when terrorists are not just French and have dual nationality. So we had months of debate on this, while it is forbidden to do so, as you can’t become stateless… And after that, another debate on burkini, which is a swimming suit but for muslims who wish to cover themselves completely  and still enjoy a sunbath. The country where sunbathing topless in Saint Tropez was created, mayors of small towns voted local laws so the burkini becomes forbidden. While I can understand that the burkini has nothing to do with French culture, we spent a lot of time on this, with no results, as the « Conseil d’État » (the highest administrative juridiction in France) said no who can’t forbid the burkini. What a story!  (what a waste…)

We’re debating with passion on the small stuff, but we’re missing the point and what is really important for French people.

Meanwhile in France, we count :

  • 5 million « poor people » (living with less than 50% of the median wage in France http://www.inegalites.fr/spip.php?article270 cf. Observatoire des inégalités);
  • 4 million people living in unbearable conditions (in slums basically cf. Fondation Abbé Pierre http://www.fondation-abbe-pierre.fr/en);
  • 141 500 homeless people (cf. Le Monde in 2014 and + 44% these last 11 years from 2001 to 2012 according to the French Statistics Institue Insee);
  • 2.8 million unemployed people (9.6 % of the working population cf. Insee) ;
  • 1.74 million « poor workers » (they are working, but they can’t live decently with their income, they live with less 817 € a month, cf. Insee).

But The Gauls, the deprivation of nationality for terrorists with dual citizenship, and the burkini, are regarded as priorities.

Climbing the ladder… I told you 😦



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