so so tired

poor little bugger, you’re tired, tired, too tired, tired about what

tired ’cause of your work, you’re a hard worker, all day behind a computer, must be terrible, poor you, you must be exhausted doing nothing all day, or nothing worth it

you’re always complaining, I need a rest, I need to rest, I am so tired

really mate?

you’re so tired with yourself, so tired of writing bullshit for other bullshiters, oh don’t get me wrong, I know you do this for a living, professional bullshiter, good on you mate! well done! what an accomplishment! your mama must be so proud

you could have been a doctor, a surgeon, a pilot, a politician, a lawyer, but instead you’re a PR guy, congrats! Humanity must be glad to have you on Earth.

Oh yeah I forgot, we were talking about being tired, oh yeah that’s it, you’re tired, so tired, because you can’t stand yourself, you can’t stand the fact that you’re writing crap, saying crap, doing crap… even mister YOU don’t believe anymore, you don’t know why you’re doing all this.

So the best is to think you’re tired, yes we’re all tired, because we’re all looking to do something here, but we’re not really good at it, so instead of fighting for real stuff, we have a job, in an office, that’s cool, but you need to go everyday, even if you hate it, that’s the way it is.

We’re the lost generation, maybe the last, Mother Nature is slowly dying, and most of us don’t really care. But we care of the little stuff, the iPhone and such, and it makes us believe that we have a real impact by for example sorting out the garbage (plastic, glass, waste…) Sure… this is going to save us.

We’re lost and we’re not really doing something about it. Still homeless people, many, many on the streets, we already pay our bills, we already pay our taxes, so why should we help? Not our responsibility. Once again, it is not your fault.

Today, thousands of migrants are coming in Europe, asking for help, we can’t help them all, so we decide to not help them at all, that makes sense, right? let’s let them die, at least if we do nothing, we won’t be accused of doing the wrong thing, so we do nothing at all.

We’re only wait, we’re all waiting, we’re all waiting for something, for something to come, for something to happen, we’re all waiting, tired.





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