how are you mate?
(pronounce with an Australian accent)
let s try again
how are you mate
good on you mate
hey mate
don t say Australia but straya
here you are, back again, old memories
it s been 6 years now that i had the crazy idea to leave my family, my country,
my girlfriend, and travel 17000km away for a new life in Australia
was such a great experience, i can t regret it,
even if it wasn t always easy as you need to make new friends, new habits, new everything, but that what s makes it so interesting too, so no regrets
also no regrets, that after three years i decided to come back in my home country France,
i must say we decided to come back with
my wife
so it has been already three years that we took the decision to fly back in France
so much happened since
and i must say six years ago, i was kid, not that i m old, not that i look old, but i can feel that i ve aged a bit, in the good way, you know like French Bordeaux wine
sometimes i miss Australia, i miss the people i met, and they are so far away that i won t see them again or a least for a couple of years, i miss the sunshine (even if it s bloody dangerous and can get you sunburn and skin cancer), i miss the beaches, i miss the deep blue sky, a real navy blue, not the same blue that you can see in Europe, i miss the friendly interactions with people, the easy going way of life (even if as an arrogant Parisian, i often thought how superficial things were, but i still miss it), i miss the barbie (understand barbecue), i miss Sydney, such a great city, the Opera House so beautiful with the harbour view, i miss Surry Hills, Redfern, Bourke Street, the bakeries, the Sunday brunch, all this… seems so far away but still very present in my mind
i can t forget, but i will forget, and i ve already forgot a few things, but i won t forget the experience, the feeling of being abroad, the feeling of being a stranger in a country, strange but adventurous in the same time, i won t forget above all that i became what i am thanks to Australia and that today I am married to a superbe wife thanks to Australia too, and after being so far from my friends and from my family, i know the importance of being there with them, of being close, money can t buy you a family and true friends,
this is priceless
so AUSTRALIA, mate, you re a real mate,
TRUST ME, we ll come over when we re older to see you old mate!


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