it is a great feeling to write with a typewriter
the noise first of all makes it real
you are actually writing,
this has its importance you are not anymore silent, quiet, gentle
you are full of life, loud, lousy
writing is not always thinking, being calm,
on the contrary, it means being angry, wanting to say something,
to shout, to express, this is writing
the noise makes it all,
so you are concentrated on your voice,
on what you are saying, basically on your writing
also you are fully concentrated and not trying to get the spelling right.
Word can be awful sometimes and acts like a teacher
checking every sentence, every word, looking for the grammatical nonsense…
so it is such a delight to be delivered from all this.
i must say i am also very slow with a typewriter
and i can measure every word, not one for another
i am also not very good and do a lot of spelling mistakes so hopefully
it is not a REAL typewriter and you can correct the missing letters.
this is why Tom Hanks had such a good idea to create an app for this
it s called HANX WRITING, it s great
i tried many apps, and a lot are full of crap,
a few are quite hilarious, you can sometimes choose the mood you want
so you have a rainy day, the sound of the forest, and so on,
but all this takes you away from what you need to do: writing!
anyway I really invite you to try and you will have so much fun.
and if you don t want to drive your wife crazy with the noise,
just put headphones on, and they will do the job very well.
have a good one!


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