what s great with the word tabou is that it s a French word
you must say to yourself why a French word?
…well when you think of France, the first thing that occurs to you is the French revolution, the French kiss, the French cancan, Gainsbourg, Paris city of culture and history…
So why a French word?
Because France represents all the tabous: sex, French affair, freedom, yes freedom.
but in my opinion, no better country represents the word tabou, not because France offers so much freedom, but because France lives with a lot of tabous, of « non-dits » we say, that means a lot of the French culture is hidden.
Foreigners who lived in France for several years have understood this. France is a very very complicated country, a country that is lovely but has many hidden secrets, French people who have so much to offer, but they have many complexes, so tabou is really a French word.

i had the idea to write this when i watch a tv programme called TABOU, and the subject was islam in France.
What could be more tabou in France? maybe money?
what you need to understand is that France is a country who believes it is unique (and maybe it is, I am not judging), the people in France believe in strong values: France is a Republic following « liberté, égalité, fraternité » (freedom, equality, brotherhood), our daily lives are structured around those values, and this makes it very difficult when reality doesn t match those principles. I give you an example: the French education system reproduces many inequalities, this is true at every level, from primary school (kindergarten) to University, but we are not willing to change as Equality is at the center of the education system… and to change it, this is also admitting that this core value doesn t work. To change it, this will lead us maybe not to treat everyone equal to give more chance to succeed to a specific segment of the population.

what is crazy is that we will sometimes prefer to see reality fail instead of thinking outside the box… by not following our principles. Islam in France is a tabou subject because many politicians, citizens and intellectuals consider that we can t mention islam and the way of living of muslims in France, because this is against equality. We are not supposed to study a segment of the population based on religious criteria, because it hurts the ideal of equality. This is pure madness…

the tv programme showed that while a majority of muslims follow the law of the Republic and are integrated, a worrying and strong minority are willingly supporting a political vision of Islam against France, our values, our laws…
But for ideological reasons, the very Saint Equality, many prefer to close their eyes on what is really happening.
When we thought that our Republican values make us stronger against extremists, we are sadly seeing those same values, that made us proud one time ago, lead us to a dangerous blindness…


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